Support and fund NFT projects.

We are a community

Whose primary mission is to support and fund NFT projects, that we believe will unlock a new era of mass adoption

  • Visual arts
    Visual Arts
  • Music & Events
    Music & Events
  • Dapps builders
    Dapps Builders
  • Gaming
  • XR & Metaverse
    XR & Metaverse
  • DeFi & NFT
    DeFi & NFT
Muskan Kalra
Muskan Kalra Polygon Skills Developer Evangelist
Anthony Graignic
Anthony Graignic Wallkanda Skills Web3 enthusiast, CTO
Holly Grimm
Holly Grimm Dynamiculture; GeoMorphs NFTs Skills Independent Software Developer & Artist.
BruceTheGoose NFThub / Nifty Pride | Kolectiv / BGA / Panvala Skills High-powered mutant of some kind
Arun Philips
Arun Philips Polygon Skills Marketing, Global Facilitator
louxuol.eth RaidGuild Skills Crypto Designer
@dievardump BeyondNFT, Wallkanda Skills Build & Fun
Adrian le Bas
Adrian le Bas EthBlockArt Skills Builder, Thinker
Cryptai Strain NFT Skills Web 3 Maverick. NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, Culture, Climate
@annwillmott Meta Gamma Delta, nfDAO Skills Product development, project management, business development
A Commitment to Others
A Commitment to Others
Scientific Mindset
Scientific Mindset
Openness and Transparency
Openness and Transparency
Integrity and Honesty
Integrity and Honesty
Collaborative Spirit
Collaborative Spirit

Philanthropic enterprise

We believe that the NFT movement is in a nascent stage and we want to be able to guide projects and individuals on the path to mass adoption.

How to join nfDAO

  1. Pledge DAI to the nfDAO community and join the gang!
  2. Pledging will take place on Polygon.
  3. 100 DAI for individual members and 5.000 DAI for organizations.

Hello nfDAO

You can read the DAO community values and manifesto.

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